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Get the App Now: http://iuta.be/SVc Meet a happy Jelly who dreams of soaring through the skies. Help our friendly dessert reach new heights in this action ...

Happy Jump - iPhone Gameplay Video

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Happy Jump for android

Subscribe to my channel for daily android app reviews: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AndroidAppGames Happy jump is a tilt based ...

Happy Jump Cheat on Android [UPDATED]

Happy Jump Cheat on Android - Updated Version http://tinyurl.com/jumpvc Are you tried of not being able to purchase new items in the shop because of not ...


Video ini dibuat untuk memenuhi tugas multimedia, yaitu membuat video paper prototype game. Maaf jika hasilnya kurang memuaskan wkwk.

[PATCH] How to Hack Happy Jump On Android (Coins and Score)

THIS HACK DON´T FUNCTION NOW, BECAUSE THE APPLICATION WAS UPDATE. You need to be a Root User, and the next application: GameCIH 3.0.

Happy Jump - Money Hack [Android]

How to hack your Money in Happy Jump GameGuardian used.

Happy Jump GAMEPLAY (iPhone,iPod,iPad)


The best way to play happy jump on iphone ipad and ipod

In happy jump your mission is one: to bounce from platform to platform, dodge the mean flies, and grab everything you can to get the highest score. enjoy: ...

App Rage 1- Happy Jump

I have now started a new series where I play weird free apps on the Kindle Fire :) This app is called Happy Jump and, well, I'll let the video explain itself :) Enjoy, ...

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